Monday, July 4, 2011

SOOOO The Roskilde Festival is over and out. I won't say it has been amazing, because really with a bad program
like this years, there is a long way to amazing.
But I did see some great shows and some not so great shows.
I actually didn't spend that much time at the festival, hence the very few shows:
The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, Kaizers Orchestra, Kings of Leon, the danish rapper L.O.C, VETO, and parts of Bigboi and De Eneste To (The Only Two).
The only really really great concert was The Strokes that BLEW my mind! They were absolutely amazing!
The best show I've been to in around 4 years.
Can't wait to see another show, but when and where I don't know.

If you went to Roskilde what moment was your favorite?

Today I'm just chilling. I'm dead tired, so not many plans today.


PS. Are you guys into Kings of Leon? I'm not really, and they REALLY disappointed me live unfortunately.

Cred: Can't remember, prob. Becauseimaddicted

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