Saturday, March 5, 2011

WOAH, there's a whole lot of pictures of my body. Pardon me going all narcissistic on you,
but I got this question on Formspring the other day, and wanted to address/answer it here as well:

You have a wonderful body. whats your workout?

First and foremost, I thank for the compliment, of course.
But to answer the question: I am the terribly lucky owner of a flat stomach and tiny waist. No matter how much bullshit I eat,
I never put on weight on that exact spot. So I can't really give exercise the credit of how I look.
But I do occasionally work out. More so now that previously. I try to get to the gym at least once a week - twice if I can,
3+ kms run, legs+arm+stomach+back workout and then I'm out. Yeah, yeah, I'm a gym-fail I know.
I usually don't mind what I eat, but try to eat as healthy as possible.
Other than that I think I am just born with a metabolism above normal. Yay for me!

Hope this answers the question, and if any of you have further questions (about anything) feel free to shoot.

My friend S is throwing a birthday party tonight, so SEE YOU!


Anonymous said...

The things I would do to you. Damn!

Anonymous said...

Right click > save as > fapfapfap