Thursday, March 10, 2011

I FUCKED UP ROYALLY yesterday. I booked flight tickets to Paris for my parents + brother,
and when I received the tickets the days were aaaalll wrong, so I changed to the right dates and later learned
that I had just payed 3000 danish krones (555$).
I later cancelled the tickets and got the money back, but found out this morning that I can't the 3000 danish krones back.
So the tickets that originally costed 4000 danish krones (740$), which I think is quite a lot for 3 tickets,
have now costed 7000 krones (almost 1300$). RIDICULOUS!
I have a family friend on the case, so cross your fingers, cause I want my money back!

It won't surprise you that I would rather be on a warm beach in this exact moment!


MY OWN PONY said...

jeesus, that sucks. hope it'll be fixed.

and oomg, i loooove that bikini on the picture. do you know where it's from? soo lovely

Tørlich said...

Yeah, right?

I have no idea where it's from, but I love it soooo much myself! :)