Tuesday, September 7, 2010

THIS IS WHAT I want to wear all winter. And yes, I do notice that most of these looks are summer-y looks.
What do you want to wear?

And yes, for all of you that (of course) DIDN'T guess on where I am moving, it's PARIS, the city of love!

Cred: Thefashion, Knightcat


cathrine said...

woah, that's awesome. may i ask what you're going to do there? ahh, you are so lucky!!

Tørlich said...

Of course you may. I'm going to take french courses on the Alliance Francaise school. I'm only staying for about 12 weeks, so no biggy, but it has been 2 years in planning and I'm overly exited!

Mother of Style said...

That's very exciting! Have a great time- if I were you I would be stuffing my face full of caramel macarons from Laduree those entire 12 weeks :)