Thursday, September 23, 2010

THE PREVIOUS WEEK in Spain pretty much consisted of the above.
Oh, the joy of lying on the beach in 31 degree weather in September when it's pretty much half that in Denmark.
The last picture is by the way the view from our place. Nice, huh?

Buuuut the week also consisted of a bit of rain. And when I say rain I actually mean insane-sky-opening-above-us rain.
The picture below only shows half of it. The day we went shopping in Alicante it was twice as bad!

And by the way I just wanted to give you heads up about the latest episode of Australia's Next Top Model.
The amazing fashion editor of Australian Harper's Bazaar, Christine Centenera is starring.
If you're a regular reader of street style blogs she can't have gone unnoticed.
See a feature on her on Jak&Jil HERE.

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