Monday, September 27, 2010

I KNOW the fashion industry has come along way body-image wise.
But then I see a Milan-collection like Salvatore Ferragamo and see girls like the above,
and wonder if anything has even changed?

For me these girls are clearly TOO skinny - It is NOT normal to have that visible rips if you're healthy.

Do you agree with me or are these girls healthy enough?


Anonymous said...

I'm an owner of some visible ribs, not that noticeable in daily life, but with that runway kind of lighting and a bikini they would be. I love hamburgers and never diet and yet I've been almost the same weight since high school (about 100 pounds). So the models actually gave me a healthy sense of self-image when i was younger. All the girls were getting curvy and I felt so left out and like a little boy, but the magazines made me realize that it's ok. I like seeing all kinds of body types in the industry and I know that a lot of the skinny models get that way through unhealthy means (I was very happy when Ali Michael came out with her story and took control of her life), but it still hurts me when people say that being skinny is inherently unhealthy.

Tørlich said...

Yeah, I definitely get what you're saying.
I myself got visible rips, and I'm very healthy as well. But when seeing skinny models I can't help on wonder why they're skinny, and you're probably right that some of them are not unhealthy.
Fact is though that most models that are THAT skinny are not healthy. Take Kim Noorda for example, who also came out with her story.
What concerns me about these girls are that I don't believe their BMI is 18 or over, and last I checked Milan Fashion Week banned every girl with a BMI number under 18.

I understand why it hurts you, and I apologize if you felt hit by my comment.