Tuesday, July 13, 2010

IT IS THANKFULLY NOT AS HOT today as it has been, so I can finally start wearing clothes again.
Today I'm wearing:
Top from Jucca
Shorts from Topshop
Sandals from Sonia Rykiel
Bag from Chanel

My concern with the top from Jucca is that it is sorta unflattering-ish from the front,
but I'm loving the back so much I'm wearing it anyway.

Closeup of the sandals:
One of the best shoebuys I've ever done. I had eyed them for 3 seasons I think before finally getting them on sale.
I though they were a little pricey, so sale was the condition, and I got them and they're still as perfect.
If I look in my closet I think they're the piece that screams me the most.

What I love the most about posting outfit pictures is that it sometimes makes you realize a thing or two.
Looking at these pictures the first thing I think is "why didn't I put this top in the pants?" - would've look much more flattering, I think!

Enough with the rambling. I've just baked a banana cake, so I'll go eat. CIAO.

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