Saturday, June 12, 2010

RIGHT NOW WE'RE SUPPOSED TO BE in the middle of summer. Instead it is cold, windy and rainy and it has been for days.
I figured now was the right time to post my favorite fall looks. First part is up now, part two will be up on Monday.

1. Erdem: Such beautiful fabrics and patterns.
2. Miu Miu: I rarely love Miu Miu's collections, so this is a rare exception. Miuccia nailed this one!
3. Moschino Cheap & Chic: I've an undying love for Moschino and the Cheap & Chic baby-label as well.
I think it goes all the way back to me as a kid looking in my mother's closet and finding all kinds of amazing Moschino pieces.
There is always something tacky about Moschino Cheap & Chic, which I just love!
4. Proenza Schouler: The cutest baby-doll-dresses in beautiful fabrics.
5. Roberto Cavalli: There is something in me that will never really love Robert Cavalli.
But time and time again he surprises me with great collections,
and I keep wondering if I should get over the image of real Italian tackiness that I have of the brand?
6. Rodarte: Never seem to fail, huh?
7. Sonia Rykiel: Always something so inspiring about models who seem like they actually want to be on the runway.
I would say that this collection is sorta dull, in a way, compared to what Sonia Rykiel usually is, but I like it anyway.
8. Stella McCartney: Half the time Stella McCartney's collections are so dull I want to go right to sleep,
but this time around I actually liked dresses a whole lot.
9. Valentino: No matter how much I want to love the collections after Mr. Valentino's exit,
it is just not the same. This collection was as good as the rest after his exit, but still something is missing before I'm truly wowed.
10. Vanessa Bruno: The above looks is how I want to look for fall. Chic and effortless.

That is it for now. I would love to stay and chat, but unfortunately I have a whole lot of studying to do.

What were your favorite fall collections?

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