Monday, June 7, 2010

PARDON THE MESSY PICTURES, but I'm in a hurry and wanted to show you what I'm wearing today.
I know I'm too lazy with the outfit posts and these photobooth pics are lame.
Today I find them exceptionally bad, for some reason?
I'll try to do better when I graduate in 2 WEEKS (!!!).

Today I'm wearing this for studying and a friend's birthday:
Zara (Miu Miu knockoff) dress (yeahyeah, I have it too!) and Chanel necklace.

On another note: I so does not do great with change. I tried the new Blogger post layout thingy,
and felt like bambi on ice. I was lost! Have other Blogger-bloggers tried it out?

How are you all by the way? Here in Copenhagen it's raining like mad.
I can't remember when it last rained this much. Crazy shit!


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