Saturday, February 27, 2010

TATTOOS. Sooo .. I was not the only one who loved the tattoos at Chanel's S/S 10 collection.
Because besides the fact that the collection itself was .. uhm .. genius, the tattoos are DUBBLE genius.
Of course the petit Chanel store in Copenhagen won't get them, so I had to think of alternative ideas
if I wanted my hands on them.
Happily I've a pretty amazing aunt in Hong Kong, who will try getting them for me.

I've been fighting with a ridiculous Danish essay ALL DAY .. Okay, I lied, since 4 o'clock,
but that IS a long while thinking and writing about unhappy love.

Now I will enjoy my sad Saturday evening until I must drive the 30-45 minutes drive to the airport
to pick up my pops and father, who are coming home from a skiing trip in Val d'Isere, France.
What are you doing this lovely evening?

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