Thursday, February 25, 2010

ESSIE. When it comes to nailpolish, Essie kick ass!
I've gotten myself a small collection now, and I want more more more.
I have the pastel purple bottom left, but the rest is high on my wishlist.

Can you recommend other nailpolishes?

I really should do an english essay right now, but instead I juggle watching American Idol while reading blogs
and looking at F/W shows on style. Multitasking, you say?


Mother of Style said...

Essie is my favorite polish, too. They make the perfect red called "Fishnet stockings."

Tørlich said...

I just looked at it, and it's very pretty and on my wishlist right away as well!!
I love the name of their polishes. "Fishnet stockings"? What a crazy name!!