Monday, January 18, 2010

SUMMER. I found these pictures from last summer,
when I went to Crete with some friends,
but overall it sums up what I wear in summer pretty well.

Outfit 1: Shorts from Topshop and top from SamsøeSamsøe.
Outfit 2: Bikini from H&M and shorts from Matthew Williamson for H&M.

Crap, I had a skinny tummy back then. Not looking so good anymore. :P

I'm sorry I haven't been uploading in freaking forever.
I guess I've been stressed out and focused on everything other than fashion.
But how are you all doing? Are you looking forward to summer as much as me,
and do you know what you're going to to - any traveling, peut-être? Tell me, tell me.
As of now I don't really have that many plans other than Crete with some friends again.
Me and the fam are planning a trip to Mauritius come September,
and maybe Sri Lanka and the Maldives in January next year.

I need to find something sweet to eat right now, but I can't really find any. Annoying.


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