Wednesday, January 20, 2010

SALEMANIA. As you may or may not already read, I recently bought this pair of Lanvin sneaks.
You got it from me: They're the most comfy sneakers .. no wait, shoes in general,
I've EVER worn. The leather is really soft and amazing, and though they're pricy they're totally worth it.

Now the sweet people over at New-a-porter have marked down the prices further,
which means that you can actually get the pair above, and my pair as well, for 138€. That is 60% off the price.

If you like me love that a pair of sneakers can look so classy and still have an edge,
and that you further more love quality (and Alber Elbaz .. doh!), you should really consider these.

I rarely do these shopping tips, but I'm actually myself considering buying these as well,
and I just wanted to give the tip to you guys.

Wow, I already feel much better mood-wise just talking about amazing shoes. Incredible.

I'm meeting the girls soon. BYE.

PS. Remember this ring. Pretty much the most amazing and expensive piece of jewelry,
I've ever considered, but OHOH, it might be happening.
Partly my insurance money, and partly graduation gift.
Go to, and look at their amazing selection of jewelry.
The one I'm loving is from the Nuit d'Amour-collection. (Sorry, can't give you exact link).

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