Tuesday, December 8, 2009

LILY TAKES A TRIP. I love this ed for Vogue UK by Tim Walker starring the amazing Lily Cole.

I'm really bored right now. This assignment really is sucking the life out of me. It's like it's everything people are talking
about, you know? I'm tired of writing (9 pages and counting), I'm tired of reading, I'm tired of watching.
But soon, you guys, soon christmas holiday is happening. I can see the light.
I just wonder HOW people ever survive writing bachelor projects, and stuff?

Anyhow - I'm listening to John Mayer, who I'm almost annoyed about right now.
I need to find something to drink and then it's bedtime soon.



PROVINS said...

Åh lily er så fin.. Syntes det er så vildt hun kun er 21.. Syntes hun har været fremme så længe!

Tørlich said...

Gud, nu du nævner det, så har hun jo nærmest altid været der.