Saturday, December 12, 2009

Credit: by me
LET THERE BE LIGHT. I'm feeling so sad today.
I've lost a very dear bracelet. It was a very loved heirloom, that I've gotten from my grandmother.
I've no idea, whatsoever, where it is. If it was stolen at the break in i October or if I've just lost it somehow.
You know when you sit and wonder, and you can't remember when you saw it last?
I'm thinking stuff like: Can I have accidentally thrown it out when I cleaned my room one day?
Or is it just hidden somewhere in the house? I've no freaking idea!
And I've had this weird feeling in my stomach ever since I realized it was gone.
I know it will sadden my grandmother so much, but if it was stolen, obviously it wasn't my fault.

I will try to look at my youth crime assignment again, and then just look for it later sometime.
But cross your fingers that I'll find it, okay?

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daisychain said...

I hope you can find the bracelet dear x