Thursday, December 3, 2009

CHRISTMASWISHES. Two things on my christmas wishlist:
1. Helena Christensen's body
2. Stella McCartney hobo bag
Sooo .. santa, what do you say? Could you please please pretty please make my wishes come true.
Thanks in advance, dude.

I've got an outfit for you as well. Pretty crappy picture, tell me about it, but I took right when
I swung out the door, so this will have to do:
Wearing: Topshop ruffle cadri, Cos top, Jimmy Choo for H&M cashmere scarf (male collection)
and Lanvin Amalia bag (though I think mine is smaller than the one on the pic, oh, and with different details)

The next week or so I'm buried in books, social studies and danish. Woho!
I most definitely hope I'm finished in a week. Cross your fingers, dudes.


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