Tuesday, December 1, 2009

CHRISTMAS TIME. Sooo .. it's the 1st of December today, and what a better way to celebrate than with no more
than 2 outfit post. No, just kidding, but I just wanted to get them out of my system.
The one above is rather old and something is totally off with the color of my skin?
And it looks like I have a nasty muffin, but otherwise, there you go.
Oh, and by the way it was just a test.

This on the other hand I wore at the white christmas-themed party last friday:
White blouse from Zara, skirt from AA, the socks are fatkids and random sneaks.

It's DECEMBER. WOOHOO! I love this time a year,
though I've felt so bad today. I woke up in the middle of the night and felt so dizzy
and nauseous I almost threw up. It was ridiculous - like being drunk and wanting to sleep,
just worse. And it has lasted all day. Plus 7 hours of psychology class. Yeah, you do the math.

Anyhow - BYE.

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