Monday, October 19, 2009

RED. Looks like I don't have this problem anymore.
Just as I was doing my homework mama called me up, and said that they had some beautiful in a store in Copenhagen,
and that if I had the time should come and see them. So I flew right in, and I really liked them as well.
They're very different from what I would normally go for, but something about them really speaks to me.
I like that they're kinda tacky, but in a very delicate way, and they're a little bit different from what is out there right now.
They're old season (I'm actually unsure of HOW old they are), so I obviously got them at a very good price.
I know with myself that I could have found other pairs in Paris, that I would probably have liked better
(you'll see pictures soon), but they never really blew my mind, and then I'm not willing to spend
over a 1000$ on a pair of shoes.
These were at a decent price, and the more I look at them, I really quite like them.

Anyways - I'm off for a walk with my dear friend N. CIAOCIAO.

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