Wednesday, October 14, 2009

PART 1. I'm starting my spring photo-review thingy now, so seriously,
if you're not interested stop reading now. :D

Phillip, Phillip, Phillip - you did it again, my man.
The detailing is amazing, and I'm love with the shoes as always.
I really love these pieces, specially the last one.
I really loved this McQueen collection.
The colors were magnificent. But the shoes? What the freak?
I've never really been an A.Wang girl, and I'm still not after this collection.
The shorts on the last pic is really nice, though.
Bows, bows and then some more bows. How come I never get bored?
Beautiful, beautiful and beautiful.
Seriously Christophe - was that the best you could do?
Perfect colors!!! Imagine these dresses on the red carpet!!
Same old Burberry, but same old good Burberry!
I loooooved Chanel - and Karl is finally back at his best!
John Galliano scored again!
I'm actually not really sure what I'm thinking about the whole denim situation,
but I might think it actually works ..
Beautiful jackets.
I might find these looks a bit too Balmain inspired,
but on the other hand they're kind of beautiful.
Probably the most discussed collection, because of the whole Lindsay Lohan-thingy,
and sure it was a bit tacky, but these looks I kinda like.
That flowing white dress? Beautiful! I wanna get married in that.
I wish I was 10 cm longer, cause then I would wear long gowns all day long.
Lose the tights, and then I would love it.
I'd really love to see something new, but this works as well.
The Mickey Mouse pattern is kinda rad, but who would ever buy these pieces? :S
Loved the make-up .. and these looks.

First round over and out.


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