Sunday, September 13, 2009

EXPENSIVE. Fashion month finally here and all, I thought it was time I posted my favorite F/W couture collections.
Chanel - Yet again Karl did a mediocre job. I mean, there were some pretty pretty pieces in there,
and some great detailing going on, but all in all, it was a bit boring-ish.
Though I'm a Chanel girl at heart, so I obviously love the collection overall.

Christian Dior - My problem with Dior's collections at the moment is that John Galliano is doing his overkill
number a lot! I mean, his idea with this collection was GENIUS! But the hair and make-up is too much for me.
Butbut - the sandals, don't get me started on the sandals, SOO COOL!

ELIE SAAB - Such angelic pieces, that I would wear ANYTIME. I can definitely see these pieces on the red carpet,
on a celebrity who's not necessarily so out there. Like I can imagine Jessica Stroup wearing this,
who, though she's a CW-star, has such great style.

Givenchy - The totally rad thing about this collection is the play with colors.
I find it so magnificent that Ricardo took basic colors like black and white,
but added not only gold, but also pink, green and dark orange.
Just small strokes of color that adds so much life to this collection.

Valentino - The second look is absolutely beautiful. Just the detailing, which is something I loved about this collection.

PHEW, now I'm ready for the S/S shows. I'm always more exited about the spring shows,
because I'm much more of the light fabric plus floral print plus light colors equation girl.

Unlike a lot of bloggers I didn't really fall in love with A.Wang's collection this time around,
but I've never really gotten the hype, I think.
I'm waiting for my fave Phillip Lim on Wednesday. I think we're going to see some very rad pieces,
but the always OUT OF THIS WORLD amazing Christian Loub's, I'm always falling in love with.

Which collections are you looking forward to this season?


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Pedro Herrero, 15. said...

I had the chance to visit Elie Saab's Show at Capucines Pavilion (rue Saint-Honoré). It was fabulous. Everything was monochromatic, shapy, wonderful! (saw a few models falling because of the lenght of the dresses).

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