Friday, September 18, 2009

CLASS. I think I'm really really digging these boots from YSL.
I saw the first picture from Bergdorf Goodman (starring the amazing Freja),
and almost died. But then I saw the actual boot .. and I'm not sure.
The whole front situation going on is AH-mazing, but I'm not really sure on the heal.

If you haven't noticed I've made a poll in the right side of the blog, asking what you want to see more of on my blog.
To you, who actually answered, here's an outfit post. Not really that good, but an outfit nonetheless:
Wearing: H&M silk top, J. Brand jeans, Triwa watch and Christian Dior booties.
I always get so exited when I find H&M stuff in good quality very cheap.
F.eks. this 100% silk top, I got yesterday.

I slept so bad last night, so I skipped gym-class, and then the rest of the day was cancelled. YEPEE!
So I went shopping for a few hours with the girls, and now I'm going to watch "The Beautiful Life" and "The Rachel Zoe Project".


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Charlotte D said...

Uhh fin top! Hvilket H&M mærke er den mon fra?