Thursday, September 10, 2009

09.09.09 .. was a very good day, cause I got my drivers license. WOOP!

I'm heading to a birthday party now wearing the above, which is:
Jeans from ASOS (love the bow!!), top from H&M and booties from CLOUDY⎪SHS.

The shoes is actually my mother's, who's gotten totally crazy with shopping.
I went looking for these booties, and I found 3 PAIRS OF NEW SHOES, she hasn't shown me.
I mean, we kinda have a deal about her showing me whenever she gets new stuff.

Anyways - I'm not sure on these booties, cause the shoe itself is kinda slick I think,
but the height is mjah, you know .. I need some inches. Oh yeah, and they're too big.

By the way - I have a new cardi from Zara to show you soon.


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Carro said...

oh, i really like that! :) nice!