Monday, August 31, 2009

Baghunter #1

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BAGS. Obviously my viewingcount hasn't gone down from 2000 to about 100.
I couldn't understand what happened, but it showed that I had somehow removed
the HTLM-code, and therefore the count hasn't been updated all month.

My oh so favorite vintage Chanel flap bag, that has been my party-partner-in-crime
for a year and a half is not so good looking anymore (since I've removed a lot of posts,
this is the only picture I have of it).
Anyways - I'm on the hunt for a new bag. Possibly yet another Chanel bag come October
when I find my way to Paris, but I thought that it was time for a larger Chanel bag,
and therefore I'm looking for an alternative.

I've found these 4 ideas from net-a-porter, and I think they would all work a-okay,
though the A. Wang one is a little tooo .. used. I'm definitely loving the Lanvin one the most,
but yellow? Come on!!

Tomorrow I'll take a look at what the other websites has to offer.


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behovet for at se:)