Sunday, July 5, 2009

UPDATE. Hi guys. I've actually had internet connection all along, but no real time to post.
The days are flying here on Sardinia, and home is getting nearer. 
Sardinia is not quite what I expected .. I guess you can say that it didn't live up to my expectations, but whatever.

I found an underwater camera in the airport, and if the pictures turn out good you'll definitely see some snaps
of what Sardinia looks like under water. I guess it's not really impressive, buut .. I like it.

Tomorrow we're going to what is known to be the best and most beautiful beach on the island,
but unfortunately I've gotten a teeny weeny bit sunburned. 
As for now, we're soon heading to dinner, and I hope it will be good. 
It seems I've done nothing but eat bresaola, pasta and drink coke. Maybe it's time for a change .. pizza and a watermelon daiquiri?

By the way - this is actually the first day I've felt good. I've had some thingy with my stomach, and
for a second I thought it was appendicitis, but I guess not.

Anyways - I hope you're all doing well and are experiencing good weather as well.
I better get dressed, so TAKE CARE.

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