Saturday, July 11, 2009

Picture: Me, frost on the airplane window
FROSTING. I've done absolutely NADA today, but now I'm totally hooked on "Canada's Next Top Model".
I mean, God knows I'm all for supermodel/topmodel everything. I watch the American and Australian edition
of both Top Model and Make Me A Supermodel .. and now the Canadian edition. 
I kinda don't know why I watch "America's Next Top Model" since it's crap. So when I started watching the Canadian edtion
I was quite skeptic, but it only lasted shortly, since the pictures and ideas are quite good,
and I'm watching episode 4 now, and guess who's a guest? Irina Lazareanu. Why on earth doesn't the American edition
EVER feature models like her? But the haircuts? Oh, can't they ever make the look model-y?

PS. Am I the only one who can't stand Nigel Barker? You might ask "who?",
cause I've honestly never seen any of his work outside of topmodel.
But I'm just always really surprised about his faves and his comments. Like .. I'm never really agreeing with him.
I'm almost thinking he doesn't have a clue about what he's talking about, but he probably has .. sort of.

I've just eaten the most delicious dinner. Fish with cucumber, asparagus, peas and potatoes. 
And then strawberries for desert. YUM!


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Velo said...

i love ur photos!
very very very perfect... =D