Saturday, July 18, 2009

BOW. I'm been totally on the fence with Sasha lately. Sometimes I love her, sometimes I can't really stand her.
Now I'm totally loving her. She makes this H&M ad so good.

I have to admit something: I've also been totally on the fence with the "Twilight"-series.
All this vampire nonsense is totally not for me, just like I've never been into "Harry Potter".
But I had friends, even bloggers, tell me and write that these books were almost something everyone had to read.
So I thought "why not?". I ditched the first since I'd seen the movie, and all.
I've now just finished the last book .. so you can understand that I've read these VERY fast,
and I must admit I only read the parts that seemed remotely interesting to me.
I'm not blown away like rest of the world .. all this supernatural nonsense is still not for me.
I guess I quite liked the third book, but that's actually about it.
Now my question is: have you read the series or are you, like me, not really into these kinds of things?


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