Monday, March 2, 2009

Soldier, soldier, won't you marry me?

TIM WALKER. Just about the most amazing photographer EVER. No wait .. THE best photographer.
Seriously, I've never ever seen pictures in my whole life that made me feel the way Tim Walker's pictures does.
Like .. being a child again, no? 

I was supposed to go watch "Slumdog Millionaire" tonight with D, but unfortunately that didn't work out, 
so now I'm just going to spend my afternoon and night doing homework, and maybe a movie later on.
Exiting, huh?
Now I need to start on that homework stuff; some social science, something about The Sistine Chapel in Rome,
and then some french. Superduper! 
Afterwards I think I'm going to go through my inspiration map, and find some beautiful pictures to post. 
And then watch a movie afterwards.

I think I've regained my inspiration a bit. I definitely have a lot to post over the next period of time.
And I'm leaving for Rome in a week!!! First I need to stay with my exchange student from monday-friday,
but from friday-monday my mommy is coming, and we're just going to shopshopshop! Woopwoop!


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