Thursday, February 5, 2009

France, here I come!

VACATION. I would've posted a lot of pre-installed posts, but sadly I didn't get around to it. 
It seems I've been doing nothing but running around all day.
First school, then a swing by Copenhagen, then out to get my order from AA and then packing a lot. 
Now I think I'm done and ready for some sleep. Though I'm sure I've forgotten something, 
and there's no space for more in my luggage or my handbags. 

Have a good week all you crazy people! I'm home next sunday, hopefully with a little tan in the face, 
though France seems to be getting some insane cold weather the next couple of days. 
We're talking -15 Celsius. OUCH! Cross your fingers for some warm days!

Tomorrow I am to meet with Camilla & Charlotte at 8:15, and then I'm going to be sitting in this lovely bus for 24 hours.
 Oh, amazing times, no? :)

Anyways, take care. CIAO!

PS. I hope I'll bring home some amazing photos of the French mountains to show you!


DaisyChain said...

Have a great time!

Kim said...

I love your blog :))

I see you life in Denmark, 25 April until 05 May i'm going to Denmark and MABY one day to Copenhagen... Can you tell me some hot shops what I need to visit and in Sønderborg? :D

Nice day,