Sunday, February 1, 2009

FAVORITES. I really love these two shots from The Sartorialist. Never disappointing, is he?

Today is one of these days that should just take a ferry out of the world. I've made sooo much homework. 
Danish essay, social science essay and a math assignment, plus some more. My brain is literally dead right now.
Then I saw this World Championship handball match where Denmark was just the biggest disappointment of all times. 
If you're wondering why I'm so interested in this handball crap, it's because I actually played handball when I was younger. 
I loved it so much, and I actually feel like starting again whenever these championships are in the TV. Pretty sad, huh?

I'm leaving for France on friday. I can't wait! These week better go fast!


Vintage Tea said...

oh lovely shots!


maisie #1 and #2 said...

i loved these two.