Sunday, October 5, 2008

Can you spell L O V E ?

PARIS. How freaking much do you love Paris Fashion Week? My god, my god!
After both New York and London were huge disappointments, and Milan was okay, but a little blah,
I almost cried of happiness seeing how amazing and awesome Paris is.
So here are some more of my favorites - mostly from Paris, but I think there's some from Milan too.

1. Alexander McQueen:
2. Balmain - I had very mixed feeling about this collection, cause on one hand I love the jackets,
but on another I hate the shoulders .. and in general I've never really gotten the jeans:
3. Blumarine:
4. Burberry Prorsum - lovelovelove the pants:
5. Chanel - hugehuge disappointment:
6. Christian Dior:
7. D&G - wannabe Chanel, much? Love it anyway:
8. Dolce & Gabbana:
9. Givenchy:
10. Gucci - same old song and dance, but I love the pants of the second picture:
11. Iceberg, 12. Emilio Pucci (love the jacket!) and 13. La Perla:
14. Luisa Beccaria:
15. Moschino - Do you think I love this? HELL YEAH! So me!:
16. Pringle of Scotland, 17. Ann Demeulemeester, 18. Chloé (why did you leave Paolo?) and 19. Gareth Pugh:
20. Requiem:
21. Roberto Cavalli - didn't expect it to be so chic and pretty:
22. Sonia Rykiel:
23. Stella McCartney - I've always had something against Stella M ..
Don't know why and what - maybe because her father is Paul M, and she therefor remind me of the russian kid,
who's suddenly a fashion designer:
24. Valentino - perfect!! But the funny thing is that I love Marcio Madeira's outfit just as much as the whole collection!:
The last jacket is fantastic!!:
25. Versace - perfect!

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