Monday, September 22, 2008

I was dreaming of the past, and my heart was beating fast

S/S 09. Sooo .. Here's the rest of S/S 09 at this point:
1. Basso & Brooke:
2. Christopher Kane:
I'm totally unsure whether I actually like Christopher Kane's collection .. I think I love at some points, and hate it at others.

3. Eley Kishimoto:
4. House of Holland + Moschino Cheap & Chic:
5. Sophie Theallet + Sue Stemp + Topshop Unique:
6. Temperley London:
7. Tory Burch + Travota:

Soo .. I guess I'm ending up with 100 posts on S/S 09.
And I guess you can see that my style is so not like what fashionable people like.
I'm not up for the Kate Moss-kind-of-style.

PS. I just got dinner from Mac Donalds, and the funny thing is that it sort of tastes good when you eat it, but then afterwards you feel sort of nauseous.

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DaisyChain said...

Haha I totally agree about McDonalds food.

(sorry, totally random comment)